Mustat Enkelit .. Black Angels


Mustat Enkelit ( engl. Black Angels ) was founded 2002 in Finland city of Tampere. They have released five cd's: Guru/2007 and Voimakenttä/2008 and Rakkauden Kaava/2010 and Kuudestoista Aamu/2012 and Mustat Enkelit 10v/2012. The band is composed of commendable music professionals like drummer Kari Holm who was a part of Popeda, the most legendary band in Finland, for 17 years. Singer Jussi Aaltonen has filled in for his uncle Pate Mustajärvi with Popeda from time to time.

Their music can be described as honest finnish rock music spiced with beautiful ballads. 2008 Mustat Enkelit made history by making a special single cd "Nyt aika on" (youtube) in benefit of veterans of war and donating all the proceeds to them, a record amount in finnish scale (10,000 euros). The campaign for veterans of war is still continuing and anyone can contribute by downloading the single "Nyt aika on" here or buying Voimakenttä cd here. All the proceeds from that special song continue to benefit veterans of war.

Singer Jussi Aaltonen has had plenty of media coverage during the last years. Mustat Enkelit single cd's have found their way to radio play lists with great success. The band is eager to spread the message of finnish rock´n roll all over the world and especially to finns living abroad. Mustat Enkelit would be happy to play at different functions e.g. for Suomi-Seura organisations around the world.

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